Bobbie Buzzell
Research Contributor

Washington Sea Grant Fellow

Bobbie Buzzell is a Content Researcher & Article Contributor, and currently a M.Sc. student at Western Washington University (WWU) in the Marine and Estuarine Science program. She served as the 2019-2020 Washington Sea Grant Science Communication Fellow, which led her to this project. Her interest in fisheries stemmed from her background working on river otter diets in the San Juan Islands. As a North Pacific Observer in Alaska for 5 years, she has worked with the fishing industry for some time, and is always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge and perspective in fisheries and aquaculture.

She is excited to see sustainable food practices emerge from responsible practices in finfish aquaculture, and hopes her work can contribute to this paradigm shift. Her hobbies include backpacking, fishing for trout, and yoga.