Corinne Noufi
Content & Relationships Manager

University of Washington

Corinne Noufi is the Content & Relationships Manager for the Today’s Farmed Fish team, researching and writing web articles, providing creative input, and monitoring and reporting outreach results. She is also instrumental in outreach and cultivating new relationships with key influencers over the campaign's social media channels. She is currently a graduate student at the University of Washington in the School of Marine & Environmental Affairs with a strong biology background. Her undergraduate research examined fish food web ecology in Cambodia, sparking her interest in fisheries and how human and environmental health can be supported by aquaculture. Corinne has also worked for the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, an environmental non-profit doing regional ecological restoration work. Hailing from Golden, Colorado, she enjoys spending time doing outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking and trail running. 

She is especially excited to be a part of this project in order to dig deeper into comparative aquaculture and food production systems and the opportunity to convey its broader importance to society and the environment.