Dr. Eddie Allison
Key Scientific Advisor

University of Washington

Dr. Eddie Allison is a Key Scientific Advisor for the Today’s Farmed Fish Project, providing academic and policy insight for our content, primary research, and creative direction through the School of Marine & Environmental Affairs at the University of Washington. He is currently the Research Director for the Ocean Nexus Program, based at the WorldFish non-profit institute in Malaysia which focuses on poverty reduction, food and nutrition security, and equity across fisheries and aquaculture. Originally from a farming and forestry background in England’s Lake District, he spent periods of his childhood and early career in East, West and Central Africa and has at various times fished, hunted, farmed scallops and seaweeds and grown most of his own food and vegetables.

He is most interested in how aquaculture can help make safe, healthy, ethically-produced food accessible to lower-income consumers, both in the US and globally. He is also interested in how university researchers can work effectively with aquaculture and food sectors, marketing companies, and consumers to produce effective science-based communications about food that’s good for you and the planet.