Jess McCluney
Campaign Director

McCluney Seafood Strategies

Jess McCluney is the Campaign Director and co-Visionary for Today’s Farmed Fish. Having written the grant to fund this project, she oversees content and creative strategy, acts as project manager, and holds critical relationships with our project partners. She has worked in fisheries and the seafood industry for 15 years with positions as an academic researcher, aboard commercial fishing vessels, and in procurement and sustainability at Seattle-based seafood companies. She is currently the founder and principal consultant of McCluney Seafood Strategies, and also launched and ran Algrano Fish from 2018-2020, sourcing clean, sustainable seafood directly to Seattle households. She holds a Masters in Marine Management from Dalhousie University, is active in her local improv comedy scene, and had her first child in May 2020.

She is passionate about sharing with consumers the many truths (and busting myths) to good seafood, which can totally include good farmed seafood! She would love to see a shift in our society’s food conversation toward considering high quality farm-raised clean seafood as a comparable option to farm-raised pasture beef or free-range chicken.