Minyan Jane Shen
Research Data Analyst

University of Washington

Minyan Jane Shen is the Research Data Analyst for Today’s Farmed Fish.As a PhD student, she designed and oversaw the data collection and analysis of consumer choice surveys we conducted throughout Seattle farmers markets during the summer of 2019 to support this project. She is currently earning her PhD in fisheries economics at the University of Washington examining specifically consumer choice processes and preference. In her free time, Minyan grows vegetables in her apartment, and is a big fan of racket sports, and is a lynchpin to her intramural dodgeball team, the Sardines.

Minyan hopes to figure out the gap in perception consumers hold regarding farmed fish when compared to farmed livestock, and the reasons behind this gap. She would love to circulate more information about the new generation of clean, healthy, farmed fish to the public, and through her research she strives to find ways to impact consumer decision processes.