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No. 3: Semi Closed Containment Systems

Perhaps the most novel form of fish farming to date is the incredibly innovate semi-closed containment system (SCCS). Drawing on hybrid features of RAS, raceways, and offshore systems, SCCS provide yet another environmentally friendly and sustainable way to grow farmed fish at a commercial scale. When sensors read that more oxygen is needed, deep sea water is pumped into the cage. Waste is able to be collected at the bottom of the cage to then be dried and used as organic fertilizer. To get rid of sea lice and limit interactions with wild fish, there is a pressurized polymer bag system establishing a barrier around the cage. A recent two year experiment by FiiZK resulted in effective and safe cages floating at sea. 

Our top example comes out of Norway - with high success the company producing these cages, FiiZK, is currently testing success in the near-to-our waters of British Columbia, Canada. Not only does this allow greater production of farmed salmon, but it ensures health of wild salmon populations as well. With SCCS costing much less than RAS and producing faster growing stronger fish, this new innovation offers a promising solution to successful salmon farming."